Dear Friends,


As you may know, the Church of England have told us to stop holding public services; the Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings must close.

We are seeing a huge increase in the number of people falling sick with COVID-19. and therefore we must distance ourselves from one another and prevent the spread of infection in order to save lives.

Therefore, as well as public worship being suspended, this and all church buildings in the Church of England are now closed. 

Our worship of God and our care for each other continue but cannot be done in this building.

In the light of this we have been having a think about what we can do to maintain our spiritual life together at this unprecedented time. To help with this, we have spoken to Rev John Armstrong, the Rector of Wombwell, he is happy for us to advertise a link to his website.

(i) Beginning on Thursday morning 19th March, 2020, he will live stream on YouTube a short morning Bible reading and prayer time. He is thinking of 9.30 am as a start time for this. He will do this every morning at the same time, except on his day off and on Sundays.

(ii) On Sundays at 10.00 am, he will livestream on Youtube a short service with prayers, music (hopefully) and a full length sermon.

To protect the vulnerable amongst us, please do not leave your home except for essential trips, inline with goverment advice.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength . . . Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” 

The Church Wardens


Welcome to Wentworth Church! We hope this site will encourage you to be a real visitor as well as a virtual one.


A church is primarily a group of people who gather together to worship God. The name is naturally transferred to the building used for that purpose; it often being a very fine piece of architecture (as Holy Trinity is) which attracts visitors for that reason too. Wentworth Church is available for all these purposes and others – Sunday worship, private prayer, tourism, and for marriages, to name but four. Please read on to find out more.


The building is normally open daily in daylight hours, there is no charge to enter but donations to support the maintenance and running costs of the church are always welcomed.


Wentworth is a small village with a population of about 1000, but the regular worshipping community (the congregation) is rather larger than might be expected. Quite a lot of people from outside the area come to the church. One reason is that we still use the traditional form of words (the 1662 Prayer Book) for most of our services and some prefer this to more modern prayers. But it is also because the congregation is friendly and welcoming, we have a Sunday School for children and a high standard of music; even the Vicar tries to make what he says interesting!

We are pleased when visitors come in to view the building and its Fitzwilliam connections; do put your names in the visitors book. We welcome many couples, not all of them young, for their wedding. Local families bring their babies to be baptised. Above all, though, we exist to make the love of God real, to help people to know Jesus better, and to help them to pray.


Do put your toe in the water and try coming to church (the main service at 10.45 is by far the best). And if you find it means something to you and you want to know more then there are regular discussion groups designed to facilitate learning. Just have a word with the Vicar.