Bell Ringing

About The Bells

Our current peal of bells at Wentworth date from 1863 where the original three bells were
recast and three more paid for by John Duke of Barley Hole. They were initially hung in the
Old Church Tower and remained there until 1893 when they were re hung in the New
Church – 16 years after it opened in 1877. This makes them one of the oldest fixtures in the new church.

Bells were first used in churches around 400AD and have been rooted in British traditions
and our heritage ever since. It’s fair to say they have created a soundtrack to Britain’s
historic moments; they have called out in times of joy, celebration and have tolled
empathetically in times of grief and sorrow. Whether it’s just one bell or a whole peal a lot
of history can be traced through bells.

They call us to wake, to pray, to work, to arms, to feast and, in times of crisis, to come
together. Above all, bells are the sound of freedom and peace; in WorldWar II they hung silently until the day they could ring out again to mark peace.

Practice Nights:
April - September - Friday Evenings
October - March - Saturday Afternoons

We are a relatively new team but visiting ringers and those wishing to learn are welcome.

If you are a ringer, and wish to attend our practice, please Contact Us  before travelling to ensure the  practice is taking place to avoid a wasted journey.

Sunday Service:
By arrangement

Looking to become a bellringer or want to join the team?

To all you inquisitive, adventurous or just curious folk out there.

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

We're for those interested to come and have a go at ringing a church bell; It is an experience you'll never have tried before! (Unless of course you have been a ringer in the past in which case please come back & help us!)

As an added bonus is it's free & open to anyone over the age of ten years! You can come along as a family group as it’s for all ages!

There are steps to climb but it’s well worth it to have lots of fun, make new friends & keeps you fit in mind & body!

Please Contact Us for more information or to get in touch about the bells.

Please note the tower is not open to the public.