History: Early History

When South Yorkshire was dived into parishes in the early middle ages, Wentworth was initally part of the parish of Wath, along with Swinton, Hoyland and Brampton. It was not until long after the domesday survey of 1085, that  these were  split into manors, meaning that each of the subsideries of Wath were granted equal rights, and had  permission to instate thier own Priest.


In the late 1600s a report shows that Wentworth had a congregation of 400, and because of of this, it was  attached to Hoyland Church, However, Wentworth was  still part of Wath at this time, and  quite when Wentworth became a parish in its own right is unclear. There is a possbility that this was not the  case until the New Parishes Act in 1840.


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